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    Fascinating Rhythm : Close harmony in the millennium

Cantores Episcopi 2000

Altos Will Konitzer, Oliver Phillips

Tenors Tim Kennedy, John Baker

Basses James Birchall, Tony Ayres






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 About this recording
Cantores Episcopi is one of the country's longest-running close-harmony groups. Based in Winchester College, its members usually go on to music or choral scholarships at the Oxford and Cambridge colleges, and many past members are now following successful musical careers.

This disc just represents a typical programme that the group was singing in the last summer of the Millenium


 Track listing

  1   Fame, Gore/Pitchford, arr. Robert Chilcott
  2   Habit, arr. Porter
  3   Blow away the morning dew, Trad, arr. Langford
  4   Miss Otis regrets, Porter, arr. Martin Pickard
  5   Michelle, Lennon/McCartney, arr. James Simpson
  6   Chattanooga Cho Choo, Warren/Gordon
007  Norman. arr. Damian Eley
  8   What a wonderful world, Weiss/Douglas, arr. R.G.C.Williams
  9   While my guitar gently weeps, Harrison, arr. S.Farhurst
10   Psalm 151, Trad, arr. Cantores Episcopi
11   Why do fools fall in love, Lyman/Marchant/Santiago, arr. Alex Walsh
12   Kalamzoo, Warren/Gordon, arr. Bruce Hamilton
13   Moon River, Mancini/Mercer
14   When you wish upon a star, Harline/Washington, arr. Will Konitzer
15   Fascinating rhythm, Gershwin/G
ershwin, arr. Robert Chilcott

16   Puff the magic dragon, Yarow/Lipton, arr. Robert Bottone
13   The Teddy Bears' picninc, Bratton/Kennedy, arr. Andrew Carter
14   The spider and the fly, Razat/Waller/Johnson, arr. Robert Chilcott
15   Goodnight, sweetheart, Hudson/Carter, arr. Kirby Shaw


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