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     Strawberries & Cream : Close harmony in summer

Cantores Episcopi 2005

Altos Harry Sever, Dom Burnham

Tenors Matt Woods, Ed Goble

Basses Tom Keen, David Clarkson, Tony Ayres

Cantores Episcopi 2002

Altos Richard Birchall

Tenors John Robb, Henry Parkes, Nigel Day

Basses Ali Wright, Tony Ayres

Cantores Episcopi 20000

Altos Oliver Phillips, Richard Birchall

Tenors John Robb, James Morgan

Basses James Birchall, Tony Ayres


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 About this recording
Cantores Episcopi is one of the country's longest-running close-harmony groups. Based in Winchester College, its members usually go on to music or choral scholarships at the Oxford and Cambridge colleges, and many past members are now following successful musical careers.

Around the middle of each summer term there is an open day (at which everyone consumes strawberries and cream), and as part of the festivities the group gives an open-air concert in the Cloisters. This disc features music typical of those occasions.



 Track listing

  1   Homeward bound, Simon & Garfunkel, arr. Eley
  2   Ainít misbehaving, Ruzaf, Waller & Brooks
  3   Where is love? Bart, arr. Hamilton
  4   Help, Lennon & McCartney, arr. Eley
  5   Yesterday, Lennon & McCartney
  6   Hey Jude, Lennon & McCartney, arr. Hamilton
  7   Just the way you look tonight, Fields & Kern, arr. Chilcott

  8   Gershwin Medley, Gershwin & Gershwin, arr. Chillcott
  9   My love is like a red, red rose, trad.
10   I got rhythm, Gershwin & Gershwin, arr. Clapham
11   Georgia, Carmichael, arr. Simpson
12   And so it goes, Joel, arr. Chilcott
13   Breakaway, Garfunkel
14   When I fall in love, Cole
15   The windmills of your mind, Bergman, arr. Horsewood
16   Red sails in the sunset, Kennedy & Williams, arr. Robb


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